I am the only child and when I became the mother of two, I had no clues about sibling rivalry. To me, there is nothing natural about siblings fighting when people tried to persuade me; “it is just normal”. When my second child was born, I was flabbergasted as my firstborn did not take it so well! I had to read more than 40 parenting books, and this is not an exaggeration as I counted them once. I saw psychologists, hypnotherapists, parenting advisors, went to workshops and conferences and even one time, I went to my family doctor and said, just give me something. I don’t want to get reactive with my children anymore! None worked and if they did, they did on a temporary basis. I blamed my paternal genes for my anger and reactivity problem. And this limiting belief had anchored my rowboat and didn’t let me proceed with my goals and intentions.

Until a couple of months ago that serendipitously I embarked on a spiritual journey. Along the way, I learned that the limiting belief THAT I’m the victim of my genes had simply paralyzed me and my intentions. And because of this, all my endeavours were fruitless and ineffective. I learned that I am the master of my mind and the co-creator of my life. That I can reprogram my subconscious mind to clear the limiting beliefs that hold me back, and instead feed the beliefs that serve me right. I studied and researched and meditated, got myself personal development coaches and learned many subconscious techniques to help me in my path.

Furthermore, I found out that according to the Law of Attraction, the Universe matches my emotional vibration at any time. So if I mindfully choose higher frequency emotions such as love, peace, joy and gratitude, I can attract similar vibrations from the world around me and move in the direction of my goals. I found out that the Universe is a YES machine. It will prove me right every time. So, I’d better be careful what I’m asking and feeding to this machine. To prove this, the Institute of HeartMath demonstrates that there is actually a strong electromagnetic field around the heart that affects people and things around us. Being an engineer and having a scientific mind, I experimented with this.

One day, my daughter came from school with a not so desirable attitude. I decided to flood my heart with pure, intense and intentional love towards her. In order to do this, I remembered the day she was born when I did not sleep a blink for the whole night and stared at her lying on my chest in amazement and gratitude. As soon as the loving feeling was actualized in my heart, I felt an epic shift in the field.  Her cross face magically transformed into a loving and pleasing expression. Mind you that I did not say or do anything. I just became mindful of the moment and filled it with love and compassion and the miracle happened. Now I know that I need to expect miracles.

Scale of Consciousness

Scale of Consciousness

I proved to myself that love really is what all you need. If you raise your vibration to Love and above in Dr. David Hawkins’s scale of consciousness, you  will be experiencing events and people of the same vibration. This is the secret and the elixir of a happy life. To live mindfully with love and gratitude at any given moment.

♥ Be.Love.Know. ♥

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  1. You have demonstrated the Law of Attraction so beautifully in this article. All humans will experience emotions that are lower than love on the scale of consciousness from time to time. That is normal. But it doesn’t mean that we have to be stuck there. What you have described is how to apply the Law of Attraction tools to raise your vibration. We can all learn such tools. Many exist, and when we learn a variety of them we can apply them in any situation.

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