10 Things to Do Every Day to Co-Create Your Life


  1. Check in with your emotion at least 10 times a day
  2. Meditate
  3. Love, Be kind, give more and longer hugs
  4. Write in a gratitude journal
  5. Be clear about what you want, and don’t be afraid to dream
  6. Forgive over and over again
  7. Do one random act of kindness
  8. Exercise especially in nature and eat healthily
  9. Be mindful, live in the present
  10. Connect with at least one person outside your immediate family

The core purpose of theses exercises is to be heedful that the Universe will match your vibration.
Therefore, make sure you choose your emotions carefully at any given moment!
1. Check in with your emotion at least 10 times a day

Set 10 reminders for yourself during the day to make a mindful pause, notice your feeling and get familiar with it. If you catch a negative emotion, don’t resist it; don’t hate it. What you resist, persists. On the contrary, you are to melt it away with love and even thank it for showing up and giving you an opportunity to clear further. Observe without judging.

Let the emotion know that you are not it. The purpose of this technique is to dis-identify with preconditioned beliefs that have been ingrained into our subconscious mind since we opened our eyes in the physical world by our parents, society, our schools and other agents. The goal is to recognize that the thought behind the negative emotion is merely one point of view of the ego, and you are free to simply choose another one. The ultimate objective is to build new neural pathways and reprogram the subconscious mind in order to disengage a sabotaging habit and adopt a new one that works for us rather than against us. The key is consistency. Besides emotion, repetition is the language of the subconscious mind. Set an alarm for this technique as it is the most critical practice to become mindful, aware and aligned, and to distinguish your ego from the pure and exquisite light that you are. Credit: Gil McIff
2. Meditate

The benefits of regular daily meditation are countless as they are multifaceted in physical, mental and spiritual aspects. During the ten years of doing Transcendental Meditation or TM couple of years ago, I did not catch a cold even once. Coming back avidly to my spiritual path, I am now experimenting with various mantra, guided as well as still meditation methods. My favorite is to mindfully sit in gratitude and be present. The goal is to quite the mind and surrender without any judgment or expectation. As thoughts bubble up, effortlessly lose focus over them and return to your practice or stillness. I have a small collection of meditation clips in another blog post for you to choose your favorite and hopefully commit to it on a daily basis. If you are new to meditation, it might be easier to start with guided imagery or mantra techniques.

Meditation prevents stress from getting into the system, and releases accumulated stress that is in the system. It improves the immune system, lowers high blood pressure, uplifts moods and increases the energy level. Regular meditation decreases anxiety, increases creativity, happiness, compassion and peace of mind, and develops intuition and clarity. Learn what happens to the brain when you meditate.

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation. – Dalai Lama.”
3. Love, be kind, give more and longer hugs

Scale of ConsciousnessHugs release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body and raise our vibrancy. Love is of a higher vibration on Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness. The *Law of Attraction states that we attract similar vibration from the Universe to what we are experiencing in the moment. Which better tool to raise our vibration to “Love and above” than actually loving and showing affection by hugging our loved ones?

HearthMath Institute uncovers that heart generates the greatest electromagnetic field in our body. “When we are feeling positive emotions, the heart beats out a very different message. By learning how to shift our emotions, we can impact others. We are deeply and fundamentally interconnected with each other and the planet itself.”

Greet your children with at least 30-second heart-to-heart hug when they wake up in the morning or come from school. If you have a partner, kiss them for at least 30 seconds every day.

Now I have a challenge for you…. Raise your vibration to fill your heart with love, gratitude, joy, and peace, and see if you can spot fear or any of the other lower vibrations. When light gets in, darkness leaves.
4. Write in a gratitude journal

Similar to experiencing love, feeling gratitude will raise our vibration. As the result, the Universe will motherly provide us with even more reasons to be grateful for. Gratitude has even a higher vibrational energy than love. You might want to take a detour from journaling, believing that thinking or saying what you are grateful for will suffice. However, by writing in a journal you manage to keep a longer momentum and consequently produce a stronger vibration. So start writing everyday 🙂 Also, do not forget to explain WHY. This will make the vibrant emotion sink into your soul even further. Credit: Awesome Achieve Today coaching calls and programs.

During a process of freezing water, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He discovered that water could react to positive thoughts and words. The words, love, gratitude and peace produce beautifully formed water crystals while the negatively charged terms manifest into a very deformed and ugly structures. Watch the related part of the fantastic documentary, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” If thoughts and emotions can alter water molecules at a physical level, imagine what our thoughts can do to us considering we are 50-75% made of water.
5. Be clear about what You want, and don’t be afraid to dream

Most of us suffer from a very chronic limiting belief called scarcity mentality. We are wary and too cautious to desire for abundance. Even in our dreams we limit ourselves, and we make sure we are within our imaginary border. The Universe is a YES machine. If you believe you deserve a limited amount of abundance, it will say, “YES – you are absolutely right”, and will make sure to offer within your boundaries. Do not be hesitant to dream big, as the Universe always works in the YES mode.

Furthermore, make sure that you are crystal clear about what you desire. Even if you are not sure about the details, come up with the emotions you want to have in a specific area. Know that you can order anything from the catalog of the Universe. If you are not sure of what you really want, how can the Universe know? You can start exploring your desires by finding of what you don’t want. Put aside at least an hour to figure out a detailed list of your short-term as well as long- term dreams in four areas of “Relationship, Success, Health and Spirituality”. Review your list often and modify as needed.

Always take the path of the least resistance (emotionally) as Abraham-Hicks suggests. Trust your intuition and your feelings. The right desire or the correct choice makes you feel at ease and awesome, and urges you to say “YES”. The egoistic desire and the wrong path provoke feelings of dis-ease and unpleasantness although at the time it might seem logical and the only way. Remember that the ego has only one point of view. In discovering your true desires, don’t bound yourself mentally to the “must-have’s and must-do’s ” that circumstances are dictating to you. The more you are aligned, the easier you will hear your inner voice. If you are not sure, meditate or simply take a deep breath and state your desire of knowing in your heart what it is that you truly want. Trust that you will receive the answer very soon.

Mount an emotion stirring vision board where you can see often. Align yourself every night before sleep and every morning when you wake up, raise your vibration to love or above, visualize your goals as if they have already happened, and send your desire out in the Universe. Remember the last step of *Law of Attraction is to trust and let go. Want but do not need! Make sure you do not ask for something in a state of lower vibrations such as fear, guilt or grief since you will only be attracting same vibrations as your present state of emotion. At these times, neutralize your emotion by deep breathing and other means mentioned in this blog.

Believe you deserve the best in all four aspects of life. Don’t let your existing belief system limit your dreams. Change your beliefs to fit your noble visions.
6. Forgive over and over again

Power of forgivenessAs the saying goes, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Holding a grudge against someone or something simply blocks your energy fields and withholds the abundance you deserve to achieve. Turns out the most important and the toughest person to forgive is ourselves. Forgiving is accepting, not agreeing or valuing. This could be an extension of item 1 in this list as we intend to separate ourselves from the negative emotions and just accept without judgment; merely be. This is the hardest goal to achieve, as we literally need to love our enemy since it is giving us an opportunity to clear more and grow further.

One of the means to pave the path to forgiving is to know that we are one hundred percent in charge of our own reality and we are literally co-creators of our life. For example, knowing it is our beliefs that run our genes as Bruce Lipton, the biologist states, you will lose your victimhood point of view regarding your genes. This might help you to forgive your parents who you have always held accountable for an unwanted genetic trait. I used to blame my paternal genes for my reactivity. This had caused me to create a false belief that it is almost impossible for me to tackle this unwanted habit. And believe me that I had this limiting belief because I had tried myriads of other conventional remedies to sustain a grip on this. Knowing what I know now, I hold myself accountable, and firmly believe that I am capable of reprogramming my neural pathways and alter my reaction in case of unpleasant incidences. I also know that it takes time and practice to lose a habit and substitute a noble one. It takes a handful of falls when a child is learning to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time. Item 1 in this list is a great tool to facilitate this objective. Always remember that it is the forgiver who is freed in forgiving.
7. Do one random act of kindness

This could very well be yet another mindful practice to raise our vibration to “love and above”. It’s impossible to make someone happy, and stay unhappy. Compassion is the force that holds the Universe together. You make someone’s day, start a love chain by your act of kindness, and as the by-product, feel exhilarated and awesome yourself. It’s estimated that a person vibrating at the level of “Love” on the Scale of Consciousness will affect 750,000 people. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
8. Exercise especially in nature and eat healthily

When you feel lethargic, be brave and embark on an exercise, and observe how you improve your mood and boost your energy after even 15 minutes. Exercise unblocks the root chakra and allows energy to flow freely through your body. This is why you actually feel you have accomplished something after a hearty exercise. You will notice you will sleep better and your immune system is upgraded to the whole new level, and of course you will burn some of the excess food you might have had during the day. As Alzheimer’s disease is the result of, not using your brain sufficiently, Osteoporosis is the result of, not using your muscles regularly. Strenuous exercises such as running that demand your focus might even produce a different brainwave that will take you to a hypnotic or trance state which is exhilarating. I never come back from a run without at least one inspired idea or action plan. Try to practice mindful exercise to benefit even further. Look at your surrounding and admire the beauty beyond the surface objects in order to get aligned.

If you are trying to lose weight, remember that your intake plays a more substantial role in your journey. The best diet is not about having less of the “bad” food, instead, it’s more about eating more of the “good” food. Fill yourself up with fruits, vegetables, and water. They all have zero points in Weight Watches system. If you need awareness and assistance with your sabotaging eating and exercising habits, Weight Watches is a great place to start. It associates concrete numbers to all the foods and activities you have on a daily basis. For example, you will get to know in order to burn one M&M, you need to run across a Football field! It might take one or two months to totally digest their points plus system but don’t despair; it’s worth it. And I know this since I lost 46 pounds in one year. I may need to add that I did not miss even one weekly meeting during that time in order to maintain my motivation and awareness. Eating healthy and reaching the ideal goal is not about dieting; it’s a lifestyle change.

Drink plenty of water, surround yourself with healthy snacks, take a break from sitting every 45 minutes, take deep breaths, walk and stretch. Walk when you talk on the phone. Every 15 minutes pause from looking at your computer and look at a distant object. Start your day with the awesome and very short Sun Salutation yoga poses.

Sun Salutation
9. Be mindful, live in the present

A Couple of years ago, I read this book called Joyful Wisdom by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, where the author explains objectless attention. After reading this book, I saw things with different sets of eyes for two weeks, and then unfortunately I lost the habit. Now I am working to gain it back. The idea is to keep your focus loose, with just enough attention to holding a bare awareness toward whatever you are looking at. Just see. This is a mental exercise that helps to adopt the similar attitude towards your emotions. Observe without judging. You can eat, walk, exercise, talk, think, dance, sing and spend time with your loved ones mindfully and intentionally. Actively see the beauty and the majesty in everything that crosses the path with you.

As my favorite contemporary Persian poet Sohrab Sepehri says, “Clover does not have any less importance or beauty than the red tulip.” Love all you see, bless all you see. This time when you walk, try to look at trees, the leaves, the clouds and little rocks under your feet, and admire the magnificent worlds inside them. A crow is as gorgeous as a red robin. Greet strangers as you walk and give them a present smile. Remember the best present is to be present. The end result is awareness.
10. Connect with at least one person outside your immediate family

This is a practice of mindful living. You intentionally generate love and gratitude in others which makes it impossible for you not to feel awesome. Keep the conversation centering around love and care. Avoid judging or negative talks. Disconnect from undesirable energy. If you sense a negative emotion, mentally repeat, “Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I ‘m sorry. ” This is a powerful Hawaiian clearing technique called Ho’oponopono that will clear not only you, but the person you are communicating with. Listen mindfully and bless them while conversing with them. Pick a person or two outside your immediate family to add to the list of prayers and good thoughts for the day. Connect with people you know and keep the fire of love burning. Love is the food of the soul. What else is there? All You Need Is Love.

What is love? Gratitude. Be generous. Be grateful. Confess when you are not. We can’t know what the divine intelligence has in mind. -Rumi

Law of attraction*Law of Attraction from the book, The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale:

1- Know what you don’t want.

2- Know what you do want.

3- Clear your limiting beliefs.

4- Visualize your goals emotionally as if they have already happened.

5- Let go.

To put it, in a nutshell, mindfully raise your vibration to love and above during the day as much as you can by choosing one of the following at any given moment. Hugging or kissing the loved ones, exercise, meditation, deep breaths, clearing techniques, listening to good music, reading motivational material, watching a motivational movie, sleeping, talking to or visiting positive people, and reading Be.Love.Know posts on Facebook 🙂 Be heedful that the Universe will match your vibration. Choose your emotions carefully!

♥ Be.Love.Know ♥