Love, Breathe and Meditate to Connect

What is the purpose of this life? I remember when I first had this question at the age of 14, a psychotherapist told me that all human beings will come up with this question at one time in their lives. And she added, “You hit it a bit too early!” This riddle has always been in mind, some time more transparent than others. In my journey around ten years ago, I got lucky to get closer to the answer. And now, via the result of my recent intense endeavors to unfold the truth, I got to reaffirm my findings and be a believer.

LoveOur collective daily purpose of life is to be mindful and to get CONNECTED  to the Source that, in essence, is LOVE and COMPASSION. Now the tools to get connected are many. Feeling love and gratitude, deep breathing, yoga, constant emotional check-ins, reading, listening, watching and dancing to mind awakening material are all great gears to dip in the pure consciousness. One of the most powerful tools is meditation.

Following are some easy steps for daily meditation.

  1. Close you eyes and take seven deep and long breaths. (7-count inhaling through the nose, 7-count holding, 7-count exhaling through the mouth, 7-count holding)
  2. Visualize counting down from 10 to 1. At this time, you can imagine a peaceful and passive scene like your favorite beach.
  3. If you cannot reach the state of serenity and gratitude automatically, think of all the blessings in your life. Think of at least three. They could be general or specific.
  4. Feel the awesomeness of those blessings.
  5. Now sit with your breath with the feeling of gratitude for at least 10 minutes. If you feel you are at zero, you can experiment with your desires and goals at this stage.
  6. Count up from 1 to 5 and tell yourself you will open your eyes at the count of 5 feeling fresh and better than before.
  7. Aim for at least once (or better yet 3 times) a day.

If you like guided meditation, the following are great clips for everyday awakening.

How to Meditate (5:46 min)

Energy Booster Meditation by the Silva Method (9:27 min)

Abraham Hicks Physical Well Being Meditation (15:00 min)

Dr. Hew Len – Inner Child meditation (16:51 min)

Bob Proctor’s “Shift Your Paradigm” Meditation Exercise (16:33 min)

Ho’oponopono, Mantra Meditation, Hawaiian Prayer, Theta Binaural Beats (45:05 min)

Loving the World – A Meditation with Deepak Chopra (14:36 min)

Heart Center Awakening Meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon (8:57 min)

Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle (12:40 min)

Enjoy your ever-increasing blissful state of consciousness. If you have a favorite meditation clip, enter the link in the comment section.

♥ Be.Love.Know ♥