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10 Things to Do to Be Unreasonably Happy

1. Live in the Present

It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to be unhappy in the present moment. Negative feelings are residues from past experiences, and worries and fears belong to a possible event in the future. These two unreal dimensions are the true causes of sabotaging and spoiling our present. Challenge yourself to truly observe  the majesty of even a bare tree in winter and feel grief, or embrace your children or partner and cover them with kisses and tight hugs and feel ungrateful, or even take a deep revitalizing breath and feel distress. It is amazingly impossible to bring sorrow to your heart when you are here. This is the power of now. Remember that happiness does not come with reaching a destination; live in the moment and enjoy the journey. ”You can’t live at all unless you can live fully now!” ~Alan Watts

2. Make a Choice to Be Happy Every Morning

When we make the decision to be happy, we allow ourselves to be open to receiving happiness. By making this choice, we let the Cosmos know of our desire. By tuning our mind on happiness every morning, we start feeding happy thoughts. The more happy thoughts we think, the happier we get and the wonderful spiral lives on. On the other hand, if we don’t choose to be happy, we let the occasional negative vibration attract even more of its similar frequency. And before we know it, we will be swamped with disheartening emotions. As Abraham-Hicks suggests, the best time to tune into higher vibrations is the first 17 seconds after we wake up in the morning; when we are virtually in a blank slate during a very small window of time. We will have a higher chance of staying there if we keep this vibration for at least 68 seconds. Rinse and repeat throughout the day. Choose and expect to be happy and you will be. If you want to be happy, be.3. Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

The data and the conditioning that have been imprinted in our subconscious mind throughout the early years of childhood, are occasionally, if not all the time, the causes of our negative thoughts and emotions. By exploring these limiting beliefs, we disempower them and don’t allow them to govern our moods and rule our lives. Check back in for a future blog post to learn how to identify and clear your limiting beliefs.

4. Meditate

Meditation carries us into the deeper levels of consciousness where we are whole. Where we remember we are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop, as Rumi brilliantly reminds us. By regularly dipping into pure consciousness during daily meditation, we purify and detoxify our five senses and tune into our higher self in an exponential way. This is the state of bliss. Where no duality exists and, therefore, no melancholy perspective can survive. Where all is One. Pure splendour and love.

Aim to put aside at least 15 minutes every day to sit without distractions. Take a couple of deep breaths and be aware of your breathing. Then, focus on your body parts and relax them one by one. Next, think of a calm and passive scene to quiet your mind. And lastly, count down from 10 to 1 to go to a deep and relaxed state of mind. At this level of the mind, you can visualize your whole and happy self. You can also experiment with manifesting your desires and goals. You may repeat powerful words such as Peace, Joy, Love, Gratitude, Trust, Let Go, I Am and other soulful mantras when distracting thoughts occur or simply focus back on your breathing. Investing a couple of minutes in daily meditation ensures more and more blissful, mindful and happy moments for the rest of each day. Check my other blog post for a collection of guided meditation clips to get you started.

5. Love, Do Service, Make Someone Happy

It is impossible to make someone happy and stay unhappy. The Universe is held together via the force of compassion. Caring and contributing to the betterment of the world sets us free because it is the true self we mindfully choose to live. Hug more. Show your affection. Assign 20-second hugs and kisses with your family each and every day. Do a daily random act of kindness to receive a substantial dose of joy. Start a wave of benevolence and care and royally ride on it and revel in the everlasting blissful ecstasy and joy.

6. Put Things in Perspective

Our subconscious mind is naturally inclined to detect and focus on the flaws and imperfections in an even almost perfect system in order to protect us from possible future failure. Triggered by a negative situation, we might find ourselves plunged in a pool of negativity in all aspects of our lives and personalities. This drains the energy out of us and renders us defenseless and overwhelmed in the midst of devastation and helplessness. The meaning we give to something is the energy we attract. As soon as you catch yourself in a negativity spiral, stop, take a deep breath, observe and choose to inspect the aspects of your life that are filled with gratitude-worthy people, things, and blessings. By shifting your point of attention, you raise your vibration and cultivate your energy field to attract higher vibration events and feelings. Write on a daily gratitude journal to maintain your happiness level and your blissful state.

7. Up-cycle Negative Experiences

The first step to up-cycle a negative event or experience is to get to know your current emotion and dare yourself to truly feel the whole spectrum of the feeling. This is a very short but a miraculously effective process, and it should not take more than a couple of seconds. This takes courage and a good deal of mindfulness as we naturally resist our negative emotions unaware that what we resist, persists. Instead of saying, “I am angry” say, “I am anger”. Read How to End Suffering – A Story of the Ego to help you grasp this concept further.

The next step is to raise your awareness to allow yourself to receive the negative experience instead of denying or resisting it. By doing this, you strip the power off of the event and upgrade yourself from a victimhood state to an observing or awakened state. Going forward, depending on your view of Divinity, you can cultivate the faith in the higher power of the Divine intelligence and indulge in the sanctuary and  the Divine compassion and wisdom trusting what is, is what needs to be. Now you can embrace what has happened to you and turn it into strength.

It’s time to choose another point of view other than that of the ego’s regardless of how intricate and unattainable it might seem initially. Venture to find the silver lining and the benefit of the event. What might have you learned from the experience? What gain has resulted because of the “undesirable” situation? Instead of victimizing yourself, get curious and eager to take actions to turn the event around to your benefit. Recite to yourself, “Things happen FOR me, not TO me.”

8. Be Aware that You Are Part of a Whole

The key word here is TRUST. If we observe keenly, we see nothing but resourcefulness, intelligence, abundance and order in the world around us and within us. When we utterly and selflessly give in to the supremacy of the Divine intelligence in the first 9 months of our lives, why we self-riotously assume we are know-all and stand-alone creatures for the years to come? The motherly support and sublime presence ubiquitously surround us. We just need mindful practices and clues to observe this long and often so it becomes ingrained in our conscious and subconscious mind. What are we afraid of? Isn’t our birth in this world a miracle by itself without needing a minute bit of our intervention and meddling? How about the magnificent turns of the four seasons or the reproduction and survival of all living creatures? Why do we forget about the miracles of our five senses, our limbs and organs and our mysterious mind? Why do we choose to be oblivious to the myriads of marvels surrounding us? All is spectacular. Just trust and be.

9. Have a Healthy Routine and Play

Exercise, dance, sing, listen to music, watch a good movie, walk in nature and play to raise your energy. By mindfully choosing these activities, you refocus your point of attraction and allow ecstasy and bliss flow into your life abundantly and effortlessly. Plan your day the night before to eat right, do your daily exercise and meditation and carry out your daily tasks. Manage your time to accomplish your daily responsibilities towards your noble goals and reward yourself when you do. Feeling of accomplishment induces feelings of joy and exhilaration.

10. “Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?” – An old parable

The only horse of a farmer runs away and this causes the neighbors to sympathize with him about his “bad” luck. In response to this pity he answers, “Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?”. Couple of days later, the horse returns accompanied with a herd of wild horses when the neighbors now congratulate him on his “good” luck. Repeating what he previously stated, he replies,” Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?” Days later, his son attempts riding on one of the wild horses and he accidentally breaks his leg. This time, everyone shares their comments of how unlucky he is; when he responds once again, “Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?” The next day the government delegates come to recruit his son for a bloody war and the son is dismissed because of his broken leg. Now do you think this was good luck or bad luck? Who knows?

The art of purposeful and joyous living is to be able to merely observe our experiences without judging. To be the sky and to see our problems like fluffy white clouds merely passing through us. To believe everything is whole. And to trust there are no bad events; only new and learning experiences that are exclusively meant to cross path with us at a specific point in time. It tends to be rather difficult to love all at all times, like the hardship and the resentment we sometimes feel. However, if we can master this, we will master our life and gratification and glory will reside permanently in every nuke and cranny of our soul. The difference between a good day and a bad day is always our attitude. Sometimes we don’t even need to solve a problem or rectify a situation; if we change our thinking, the problem is already solved by itself.

It is our birthright to be happy; let’s claim it 🙂

♥ Be.Love.Know. ♥

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